The Louisville Zoo

When in Louisville, there are plenty of things to do and places to see, and the zoos are definitely worth your time after your visit to Vitality Wellness & Weight Loss - Louisville. Depending on the cooperation of the animals, the weather and the maintenance of the zoo, the activities are periodical.

The Louisville Zoo

This is one of the best zoos in Louisville. The layout in this zoo is incredible and the animals being out and active, the exhibits are fantastic. The zoo is always clean and well taken care of. The zoo offers memberships and is thus very convenient and pocket-friendly. With a lot of things to do and see, visitors can bring in their own snacks from outside to enjoy as they sit by the water areas.

At the Louisville Zoo is the nautically-themed water play area that has about 42 different ways through which kids can have fun. There is a fishing boat that they can climb on, jelly jet launchers, mini water slides, dump buckets and so much more.

There is also fun in watching birds and feeding them right out of your hand. Nectar to feed the friendly birds can be bought at the exhibit. The zoo gives you an excellent opportunity to enjoy the beautiful aviary and enjoy nature at the same time.

Train ride

The zoo also has a train ride that gives families a trip around the zoo. The train station at the main plaza is where tickets can be bought. This is a fun experience for you and also for the entire family as you get to enjoy a train ride while touring the zoo at the same time.

The carousel

The carousel is also amazing and fun. You can take a ride at the antique and beautiful carousel. For young kids, an adult must accompany them. When visiting the Louisville zoo, this is definitely an experience worth venturing into.

Pony rides

The Boma Petting Zoo area has pony rides which in addition to being fun, they enhance your safari adventure. These pony rides give you a chance to have fun and memorable moments while at the same time touring the zoo. You can also take photos while on the ponies to remember the experience by.

Giraffe feeding

This experience allows you to enjoy a real nose to nose encounter as you feed the giraffes. The experience is thrilling and fun as you get to interact with the tallest inhabitants of the zoo and marvel at their royalty. You can talk to the keepers about the giraffes and ask any questions you might have regarding the giraffes.

To wrap it up, the adventures at the zoo can be more interesting. The family can try going on adventure ropes courses at the zoo. These adventure ropes are located at the zoo lake. The courses are two: the two-story high sky trail Navigator and the Tykes which is mostly for kids and beginners.

The Pygmy Hippo experience is another exciting activity that you don’t want to miss while in Louisville. In case you are looking for things to do in Louisville, the zoo is definitely a place worth your time.