The Louisville Mega Cavern

If you are looking for things to do while in Louisville, Kentucky, then Louisville Mega cavern is the place to start after your visit to Vitality Wellness & Weight Loss - Louisville. There is a range of fun activities to engage in such as:


At the Louisville Mega Cavern, zip-lining is one of the activities you can indulge in. The zip lines are in a cave under the city making the zip-lining experience both memorable and fun. The place is unique and has very predictable weather making it easier to plan the activities ahead of time. The site is tucked in away from the snow and the rain outside making it a desirable place to spend vacations and to have outings.

The mega zips at Louisville are the world’s only underground zip-line adventure tour. These mega zips are nearly 100 feat off the floor of the cavern and two challenge bridges. The cavern has been seen as something magical, with the rock walls seeming alive. The experience will definitely give you close to three hours of unlimited fun and adrenaline rush. The zip-line course in this subterranean park of adventure is a unique experience in the Derby city and definitely worth trying while at Louisville.

The mega quest

In case you are in Louisville as a family, the mega quest is something your kids will definitely love. This two-hour adventure is definitely worth the while as it is an underground rope challenge course and the only one in the entire world. The mega quest involves two levels and some 76 challenge elements which are inclusive of rope walls and mini zip lines.

Bike park - Mega ebike tour

In case you are not a fan of heights then there is still much you can enjoy while at Louisville mega cavern. The jumps in the 320000 square foot BMX &MTB MEGA BIKE PARK are fun and informative. You get to explore every part of the cavern and have fun while at it when riding on the MEGA eBIKE tour.


If heights or mega rides do not fancy you, then you can enjoy a historical tour of the cavern while seated. The MEGA TRAM allows you to have your fun while still learning about the history of the cavern in the comfort of your seat.

Amazing tour guides

At the mega cavern, there is a friendly atmosphere with very warm and experienced tour guides. Every person visiting the mega cavern has accredited the tour guides for their professionalism and their knowledgeability. The tour guides are fun, entertaining and definitely friendly.

Depending on the kind of activity you want to take on, the prices and hours vary. For zip-lines, with $69 per person then you can have a memorable zip-lining experience. The rates and the staff are friendly, and this is definitely an excellent way to spend a few hours of your day and have quality fun and family time. When visiting the cavern, you drive through Christmas lights. The Christmas lights display is terrific. This experience is excellent for you and also for the entire family in such special moments of the year.