The Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Kentucky Distillers have been expertly crafting small and large bourbon batches since the 18th century and hence perfecting it for over 200 years. Nonetheless, it wasn’t until the past 10 to 15 years that fans of this iconic spirit started taking a path to what is now known as the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. The trail entails ten distilleries, three of which are situated right at the heart of the charming Louisville. So, while visiting our Louisville weight loss center here is what you can do on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail:

Experience the Evan Williams Bourbon

Right on the historic “Whiskey Row” lays the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience. Its locality makes it the ideal place to start off your tour in Louisville. The Williams offers one of the most technically advanced tour that includes immerse exhibits, videos, and a walk through “old Louisville.” A visit to the Evan Williams is entertaining as well as educational. You will travel back to 1783 (the very early days of the town) and learn about the history of bourbon. Moreover, it feels like a bourbon theme park and at the end you get to sample three different whiskeys in one of their cliquey tasting rooms.

Visit the Bulleit Frontier Whiskey

Also known as the Stitzel-Weller Distillery, Bulleit Frontier has been operational since 1935. However, this facility that has a historic appearance has only been open for public visits and tours since 2014. They specialize in authentic, high-rye bourbon whiskey. They offer tours Wednesday through to Sunday between 10 am to 3 pm. You can also sample the rye whiskey if you join the one-hour tour.

Be “envious” at the Angel’s envy

There is bourbon; and then there is divine inspiration meticulously captivated into a spirit. Angel’s envy makes a drink that is so sublime that you will want to share it with the entire world. Here the 200 bourbon tradition years meet the independent master craftsman’s expertise. For an additional layer of complexity and flavor, the bourbon ages in special, ruby port wine casks. You can experience all that through the guided tours and after the tour, you can grab a hand-crafted cocktail in the astonishing second story bar that overlooks the Ohio River.

Get a Kentucky Bourbon trail T-shirt

When you visit the Kentucky trail, be sure to take your Kentucky Bourbontrail passport at the first distillery. All the distilleries on the trail are listed in your passport, with a space for your notes and a stamp from every distillery. After collecting all the stamps, you may go ahead and redeem the passport for a lovely Kentucky Bourbon trail T-shirt. Therefore, you get to take a sip of bourbon at the many distilleries and then receive a T-shirt to show off your achievement.

Dine and drink at the Louisville bourbon Trail

In the culinary Bourbon capital, your will find the vibrant urban Bourbon trail. The sophisticated restaurants and bars share the heritage and culture of Kentucky Bourbon. You can indulge in delicacies and drinks that range from the historic to the hip as well as from household brand names to the small batches handcrafted Kentucky Bourbon.

The takeaway

Visit the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and find out why this iconic, all-American drink has become the toast of whiskey connoisseurs globally. Moreover, you can enjoy the dynamic culinary scenes and the rapidly growing line of exciting attractions full of rich arts and cultural heritages.